Engage. Play. Inspire. Connect.

Looking for more than a Speaker for your next Event?

I’m here to help you make your events EPIC!

I speak at women-centered events focused on empowerment, leadership and social change, as well as colleges and universities. I love getting to connect with audiences of Change-Makers, Female Leaders, Community Builders, and Heart-Based, Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs. Tribe.

My presentations are best described as an interactive experiences designed to connect, inspire and activate. Imagine Brene Brown meets Ellen Degeneres. Deep, playful, engaging, entertaining and dynamic. I typically open and close with a dance party, some spoken word, and the event unfolds with a sense of wonder along with humor about how to be a driven badass and have a really good time doing so.

The underlying mission is this: keeping it real on your journey towards leading an epically awesome life — from how you sustain your drive in your life and business to actually enjoying the journey. It's all about finding that sweet and sacred balance of making a difference and building a life you actually love while treating yourself with as much love and compassion as you treat everyone else.  Because at the end of the day… we are finding our way, together.


“Marli is an inspirational speaker and leader who connects with her audiences in a way that is authentic and captivating, creating a powerful learning environment that encourages courageous conversations.” 

- Keith Russell 

Here is the thing...

I am not a speaker... I am a facilitator of possibility, purpose and play. 

I design and create unique experiences based on the needs and goals of your event, team, company, school or organization. No more boring powerpoint lectures or information overload. Every presentation that I give is intentionally designed to ignite, engage, and connect people to your desired goals, outcomes and objectives.

We are constantly inundating with new information and are asked to passively absorb more content. I think what people are truly craving is an experience to remember, and deeper connection with themselves and others.

My mission is not to just provide more information but to create a transformational experience that makes a lasting impact on the people I get connect with through engaging them in a process that awakens their own potential. 

Check out this short video to find out more about what I do... 

Below is a sample of presentations...

Discovering Your Purpose Through Play


What am I supposed to do with my life? Am I on the right path? How do I know? These are big questions that most of us have asked ourselves at some point. Often when we do personal development work, we take ourselves and the process so seriously that we end up feeling more stuck than we did when we started. It is easy to forget that this work can actually be fun! What if we could we approach the concept of "purpose" from a place of wonder and curiosity rather than feeling pressure and anxiety? This interactive and engaging session is designed to help you tap into the essence of who you already are through play, exploration and re-discovering the person you are meant to be. You will learn ways to incorporate more play into your personal and professional life and remind yourself of how innately awesome you truly are.



Choose Your Own Adventure: The Power of Choice and Saying YES to Yourself. 

What would be possible if you said YES to yourself? What would you do, go after, apply for, take on? Who could you be if you truly listened to what it is that you really want? This talk is designed to ignite your inner greatness and give you permission to go after your big crazy dreams. When you do that you are able to tap into your inner courage that is always there when you need it the most. Here is the thing - The world needs YOU to say YES, follow your heart and show up POWERFULLY in the world. Life is an Adventure - Choose Your Own!



How to Connect with Anyone: Conquer Your Fear & Build Confidence

This presentation is designed to help people develop the mindset and the skills to connect with anyone, including co-workers, supervisors, faculty, staff, peers, friends, parents, etc.  Relationships are the ultimate key to success and this presentation will help participants gain the confidence and the skills to connect with anyone! 



Enjoy the Journey: Your New Roadmap for Success

What is more important? The journey or the destination? Often times, success means getting to the destination faster than others, but getting to the top quickly doesn’t necessarily mean that you are enjoying the process of getting there. This presentation is designed to help participants set goals for their future while learning to enjoy the experience along the way.