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Looking for more than a Speaker for your next Event?

I’m here to help you make your event EPIC!

I speak at events focused on empowerment, confidence, entrepreneurship, leadership and social change, as well as colleges and universities. I absolutely love getting to connect with audiences of change-makers, leaders, community builders, and heart-centered, impact-driven entrepreneurs.

My presentations are best described as an interactive experiences designed to connect, inspire and activate. Imagine Brene Brown meets Ellen Degeneres. Deep, playful, engaging, entertaining and dynamic. I typically open and close with a dance party, some spoken word, and the event unfolds with a sense of wonder along with humor about how to be the change you want to see in the world and have a really good time doing so.

The underlying mission is this: keeping it real on your journey towards leading an epically awesome life — from how you sustain your drive in your life and business to actually enjoying the journey. It's all about finding that sweet balance of making a difference and building a life you actually love while treating yourself with as much love and compassion as you treat everyone else.  Because at the end of the day… we are finding our way, together.


“Marli is an inspirational speaker and leader who connects with her audiences in a way that is authentic and captivating, creating a powerful learning environment that encourages courageous conversations.” 

- Keith Russell 

Here is the thing...

I am not just a speaker... I am a facilitator of possibility, purpose and play. 

I design and create unique experiences based on the needs and goals of your event, team, company, school or organization. No more boring powerpoint lectures or information overload. Every presentation that I give is intentionally designed to ignite, engage, and connect people to your desired goals, outcomes and objectives.

We are constantly inundated with new information and are asked to passively absorb more content. I think what people are truly craving is an experience to remember, and deeper connection with themselves and others.

My mission is not to just provide more information but to create a transformational experience that makes a lasting impact on the people I get connect with through engaging them in a process that awakens their own potential. 

Watch this video to learn more about what I do... 

What people are saying…

”Marli engaged the audience from the outset. Many speakers are protected by the podium, but Marli was on the floor engaging the audience and getting everyone involved. She did not limit her attention to anyone section or area of the floor, she was all over the place, which made the event all that much more enjoyable, entertaining and leaving the audience that much more inspired. Marli is a special facilitator and trainer, one that I would invite back on any occasion, particularly one that requires team involvement and dedication. She will tirelessly and without judgement help you achieve even the most challenging of goals. I give Marli my most strongest recommendation, having spent 24 years in the US Military, you know when you’ve met a leader, and that is Marli.” - Ric Ferrin, VP, Programs, PM-Portland.

“Marli Williams is a charismatic and genuine speaker who understands how to engage a crowd with humor, connection, and interaction. I asked her to speak at my Ladies' Night PDX workshop because I knew she could lead and inspire our community. She's an expert at transformation and authenticity that helps people quickly feel motivated to take action and she provides helpful tools for people to take with them after an event. Marli's focus is on helping people make positive changes in their lives and she has the leadership and talent to execute this an a transformational event. After our workshop, every person that I spoke to said "She's amazing!" I highly recommend Marli Williams for speaking, workshops, and leadership events.” - Mary Blalock - Founder of Ladies Night PDX 

"When people ask me to recommend an inspirational public speaker who can motivate people and inspire them to actually take action in their lives, Marli Williams is the first person who pops into my mind. Not only does Marli have the ability to clearly communicate her powerful methods of self-improvement and self-growth to an audience, but more importantly, Marli’s messages are so incredibly easy to implement that people can’t help but take action immediately in their lives and start experiencing positive & life-changing results nearly instantly. I have speaking onstage at major events for almost 20 years, and it is extremely rare that I encounter a speaker as transformative as Marli." -Scott Rose 

"Marli came to speak at an Entrepreneur Meetup that I host each month and she was phenomenal to say the least. Her energy and passion for what she does was truly inspiring and was able to curate one of the best events that we've had. All of our guests willingly stuck around more than a half hour late because they were all so engaged with Marli's speaking and wanted to stay longer to chat. Marli is truly an expert of her craft and would absolutely recommend her for other events about business acumen or personal empowerment." -Erik Croswell 

Marli’s Signature Keynote Presentations

L.E.A.D. The Way: How to BE the Change You Want to See 


This keynote presentation will explore how to see yourself as a leader no matter your position or role you play within the organization. During this interactive experience we will cover four main areas to hone as an effective and impactful leader. You will have opportunities to practice these skills with each other in meaningful ways so that you will have the confidence to use them in your life and in your work to make a positive difference wherever you go. 


Activate Your Purpose: Get Inspired, Create a Vision, Take Action

This presentation is designed to reignite your purpose and feel inspired to take action to create the life and work culture you desire. During this workshop, you will uncover your unique leadership purpose which will empower you to step into your purpose and activate the leader within everywhere you go. You will also identify your vision, strengths and desired impact and walk away with tangible steps to achieve your goals. 


The Confidence Cure – How to Overcome Self-Doubt so You Can Play Full Out

I believe that one of the biggest things holding women back from what they really want is having the confidence to believe in themselves and that they are worth it. Confidence is the cure to self-doubt, fear, anxiety and overwhelm. My mission during this talk is to share 3 specific things we can do to overcome self-doubt so that we can play full out in every area of our lives.



The 3 Keys to Confidently Connect with Anyone

[Great Opening Keynote for ANY Event or Conference]

This presentation will explore the three core ideas to help the audience confidently connect with anyone. It is designed to give people permission to connect with each other in meaningful ways at the beginning of a workshop, conference or event that leads to more intentional conversations and connections throughout the experience. This will lead to more engagement, learning and an enhanced experience overall.


As part of each speaking engagement, Marli provides the following additional services at no extra charge: 

  • Exploratory conversation to discuss the contents of keynote/presentation/workshop

  • Custom designed presentation/workshop based on the event goals

  • Use of The Connect Deck and/or StokeQuotes to enhance the overall experience for the audience

  • Customized videos to support you in promoting your event

  • Breakfast, lunch, or dinner with Marli Williams

  • On-site photos, tv/video and podcast interviews


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