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Hey there! I’m Marli

I am a Master Facilitator and my mission is to help YOU create your own EPIC Workshops, Retreats & Events

What would be possible if you said YES to yourself? 


As an ambitious, driven female thought-leader, entrepreneur and change-maker, it can be hard to slow down, take time for yourself and actually enjoy the journey of achieving your own definition of success.


In our busy, overstimulating, distracting world, we can lose ourselves and forget the real reason we have set out on our path of making our mark on the world.

Here is the thing...

If we're not having fun, we're doing it wrong.

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Let's Play!



1 on 1 Adventure Coaching

A 6-month adventure into your own wilderness: your purpose, inspiration and limitless possibility. 

Camp Yes for Women

A transformative and rejuvenating weekend reconnecting with yourself, amazing community and nature!



Transformational Facilitation Retreat

A 4 day training, adventure and experience to learn, practice and hone the skills and confidence a transformational facilitator.


Get ready to be inspired and dig deep into your own personal intentions. Marli has a contagious love-for-life type energy and an obvious desire to help you with your goals. This, combined with so many tools and activities can only help make you think about how to achieve them and most importantly, make you believe that you can truly make them happen!

-Deana Lansing

You chose this path because you care about the work you do in the world. You believe in your heart-centered mission. You're caring, compassionate and prioritize your service-based work... sometimes over your own needs.

Here is the thing... Your success matters to me.


So does your happiness, well-being, sense of self and enjoyment of your life.

The question is...

How can we be ambitious and actually enjoy what we're doing?

I teach successful women how to play, how to believe fully in themselves and their mission while experiencing the beauty of life.

If you are ready to feel empowered, motivated, inspired and engaged in your life and your work in a new way...


Schedule your complimentary 1-hr. Clarity & Action Coaching Session with me!