Community Strategist 

As a community strategist, I work with teams, organizations, and groups to establish a strong sense of community, trust, support and encouragement. When people feel connected to themselves, each other and the organization in a meaningful way, that is when the magic happens. Workshops are designed to leave participants feeling connected to community so that they can contribute in positive and creative ways. 



Life Design Coach

I work with individuals to help them really get clear about who they are, what they have to offer the world and how to create and live a life that they truly love.  Through an interactive process, individuals gain clarity on who they are, where they want to go, and how to get there. The combination of support and accountability creates the conditions for people to thrive.  




Workshop Facilitator

As an experiential facilitator, I strive to create interactive and engaging workshops for both students and educators that support my mission to deliver an education that matters. Topics include leadership development, growth mindset, team-building, student success strategies, as well as staff training, and professional development on student engagement.  




Youth Empowerment Speaker

I love to create and deliver dynamic and interactive keynote presentations that ignite student's passion and increase their motivation to be an active participant in their educational journey. 




Student Success Coach

One-on-one coaching for students in high school or college who are looking for extra support in being successful. From time management, to goal setting, to study strategies to choosing majors, I can help your student navigate their university and stay motivated to achieve their goals. Inspiring possibility and igniting the potential in others.




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