WHAT Lights you up from the inside out?

What keeps your fire stoked over time? What are you wanting to bring into the world?

I am over one and done experiences... meaning we go to workshops, or events or conferences, we get all inspired and fired up and then what?

What I am committed to is transformation, evolution and sustainable growth.

AND I am not a fan of GOING IT ALONE. Sure, we can read all the books and go to all the workshops and attend all the webinars… but then what? We still get stuck, overwhelmed, stopped by fear. We hesitate, we stagnate. Trust me! It has happened to me so many times it's hard to keep track.

What if you were a part of a tribe where your success was inevitable? Where you could grow and expand into the most fully expressed and alive version of yourself - AND have a really good time doing it!? 



Imagine spending time in beautiful retreat spaces and places that inspire you to dream bigger than you have ever dreamed before, where you feel more supported than you ever have before and where you feel more lit up than ever. Using nature as a gateway for personal transformation is the path we we walk together. Spending time outside to reconnect with our truest self if a gift that we can give to ourselves and the world around us.



Simply put, this is a bad-ass group of women coming together to create our EPIC lives while making an impact in our communities and the world.


Beginning March of 2018, sixteen bold and brave women will set out on a 9-month journey together to bring their big vision to life. This is not a mastermind or networking group. This is a dedicated and committed tribe of women who are showing up POWERFULLY in the world not just for themselves, but for each other to RISE together in a movement of empowerment and collective, conscious co-creation. 


What you will get when you join the Fire Tribe:

  • An inspiring tribe of bad-ass women change-makers who will support, empower and catalyze you into action so that you keep moving forward to make epic things happen in the world.                                                                             (lifetime of value)

  • Three 3-day all-inclusive EPIC retreat experiences (within 2 hours of Portland) in order to build a strong tribe, and have the time and space to dive DEEP into your mission and purpose in the world and walk away with a solid game plan for how you want to bring your work to life in the world in the most powerful way possible.                         ($6000 value)

  • Day-long Monthly Campfire Circles (within an hour from Portland) where you will share your evidence of the actions you have taken between our monthly in-person experiences. This is where we will use human-powered accountability in helping you take inspired action and not get stuck!                                                                        ($5000 value)

  • Small Group In-Person Accountability Circles 1/month in your neighborhood with Marli to get more individualized support, guidance, mentorship and specific strategies on what you need                                                                            ($2000 value)



What would your life look like if you didn't give in to self-limitations? If you acted with a deep SENSE OF PURPOSE, VISION & URGENCY? If you had a tight-nit group of powerful women making you FEEL INVINCIBLE at every turn? 

Who would you be? What would you create? What world would you live in?

Will you be one of the rare few to change yourself so that you can change the world? 


“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive."

— Joseph Campbell

What do you really want out of life?

What's stopping you from being the person who creates a life they've only dreamed of? 


is uniquely designed to help you get out of your own way so you can TAKE DECISIVE ACTION towards your VISION every single day of your life so that your big VISION can become a REALITY.

If you are tired of dreaming and not doing, if you are frustrated because you know there is something more for you out there and if you are READY to GET A GRIP ON YOUR VISION and OWN IT loud and proud while implementing a plan that has you leaping for joy on Monday mornings, then this epic year-long experience is FOR YOU!

So, stop playing it safe and 

Marli instilled in me a belief in myself and an ideology that says, "If you want to make something happen...well, then make it happen." She made me believe that I am capable of making great change ...just by being myself. And applying myself to my dreams.  She made me believe this because she models this every day she lives!

- Jasmine Wilhelm

Marli's most valuable asset as a coach is her ability to connect with people on a personal level, make sure they know they are heard, and that she is putting her energy in to work with them as a unique individual. Her ability to recognize each individual's power and potential is key in her ability to facilitate their ownership and understanding of themselves.  

- Emily Mulnick


  • You're finally ready to stop saying yes to everyone and everything else but yourself 

  • You want a caring, inspiring FIRE under your butt!

  • You want help discovering, developing & re-igniting your passions

  • Your life is 'fine' but you can't escape the nagging feeling that something is missing and it could be more

  • You are ready and hungry to say YES to yourself, your goals and your dreams in a BIG way

  • You have a whisper inside of you of what is possible and want to make that whisper a ROAR

  • You have a desire to do big things, take risks or try something new but there is a voice that keep you playing small

  • You have a vision for what might be possible for your life, but are stuck in fear, frustration, self-doubt and overwhelm 

  • You want to live your life on purpose and really go for it, but the people around you "just don't get it"

  • You crave a powerful community of women who are willing to be vulnerable and support each other through their victories and struggles 

  • You are tired of playing it safe and know there is more out there for you but aren't sure where to start


Marli is a skilled guide into the wilderness of your inner life. She has a wide selection of tools in her pack and is comfortable getting a little lost and trusting the inner compass to guide all on the journey safely home. If you say yes to this adventure, she will show up for you 100% and will help to set the stage for shifts in perspective and direction that have the potential to change your life forever. 

Since coaching with Marli I can say without a doubt that my life has shifted in profound and delightful ways. I have increased clarity regarding the direction I want my life to take and deeper insight into how to make changes that will get me to the goals I have set for myself. 

- Robin



  • Feel STOKED about your life because you have finally learned what it means to commit to YOURSELF life in big, bold and powerful way

  • Have UNSTOPPABLE self-confidence that enables you to trust yourself and create what you REALLY WANT in your life

  • Create a CRYSTAL CLEAR VISION for what you want your life to look like and craft an empowering ACTION PLAN that helps you manifest your vision every single day

  • Cultivate laser-sharp SELF-AWARENESS so that you deeply know your essence, your dreams, your desires and the beautiful gifts you have to share with the world

  • Have the COURAGE to take risks, stand up for yourself and passionately pursue what you really want 

  • Master your MINDSET and attitude by employing tools and strategies to overcome limiting beliefs, fears, and doubts

  • Build a vibrant COMMUNITY of women who will help you blossom and support your on-going growth, development and personal transformation

  • Get clear on your CORE DESIRED FEELINGS and use those as your guiding light for making decisions which will cultivate inner peace, joy and fulfillment 

  • Build a strong sense of your AUTHENTIC SELF, so you have something to love and can begin to experience unconditional love for others. 




This EPIC experience starts March 2nd and is FILLING UP FAST!

There is only room for a few more amazing women to join this epic movement.

Will you be one of them?