The FireTribe Collective

It doesn't have to be lonely at the top

Hey Rockstar. Welcome to Your Tribe.

You’re a badass, I can see that. (We all can.) You have powerful ideas and you know how to put them into practice. You get shit done. You have grown your business from your own grit and grace, and you juggle commitments like a boss. Your dreams are big, and your belief in them is even bigger.

Yet we all know that we can’t truly do this thing alone.

We need our people. We deserve support. (Heck, even the best Olympic athletes have a coach.) We need time when we don’t have to be on, don’t have to have it all together, and can tap back into what actually motivated us in the first place. We have gotten so used to giving everything we have, but what happens when we run out of fuel? We can’t run on empty. (Believe me, I’ve tried.)

After spending more hours than I care to count, thousands of dollars, and abundant energy on programs that weren’t the right fit for me, I realized that what I actually wanted and needed was a real-time, face-to-face, in-person community that could lift me up, encourage me, and support my growth in ways that I didn’t even know were possible. This program would help me usher my dreams into reality, push me outside of my comfort zone (and get me outside period), and connect me with inspiring women who were making  a difference in the world. It would not be about acquiring more information or meeting specific cookie-cutter results. Rather, it would be about reminding myself that I already have all the answers I am looking for inside.

I have always thought that if the thing I want to be a part of doesn’t exist, and knowing that there are probably others out there that feel the same…. Then I better create it.

So, I created my dream program.
For you.
The FireTribe Collective is that thing.

The FireTribe Collective is unlike any mastermind you’ve been a part of, or business program you’ve enrolled in. Together we will take ourselves out of our everyday environments to a place where we can be truly free from obligations and expectations. We will gather together in the woods with open space for our dreams to expand, our ideas to catch fire, and plenty of room to remember who we truly are.

Just as we need three elements to start a fire (air, fuel, spark) and keep it going we also need those elements to feed the fire of our own creative passions and not burn out. Essentially, we need the right conditions for your fire to burn bright.

The FireTribe Collective is built around three core components:

1. Perspective (epic experiences in nature)

2. Presence (an incredible in-person community of mission-driven women)

3. Play (stepping away from the daily grind, getting out of our own way, and having some fun!).

With the potent alchemy of Perspective, Presence, and Play, your success isn’t just possible, it’s inevitable. You will have the space and time to grow into the most fully expressed and alive version of yourself. You are a badass already, but let’s see just how extraordinary you’ll become with this epic group of women by your side...

Let’s step into the wild unknown as we rediscover who we are at our core, and what is calling us to step up and into our greatness.

If this is calling to you, I would love to set up a time to learn more about you, your goals and how the FireTribe Collective can support rocking out 2018 like a boss!


Perspective. Presence. Play.


Perspective: Epic Experiences in Nature

This is not business as usual. In fact, there’s nothing usual about this.

Every month from March through November, you’ll log off from your computer, pack a bag, and head into the wilderness to gather with your tribe. We’ll meet in gorgeous natural settings throughout Oregon including the ocean, mountain ranges, and forests.

Let’s Do This!!

Three all inclusive four-day retreats and six day-long campfire experiences will welcome you out of the daily grind and back into your flow. I will hold space for your pace — making sure there is plenty of time for both action and ease, being and doing.

I don’t know what magic we’ll encounter when we're hiking up to the top of a mountain at sunrise, or what will happen when you’re fifty feet up a challenge course. But I know that the experiences will change you. And this change will catalyze a whole new way of thinking and being — increased confidence and risk-taking and creativity and a sense of adventure that will ripple into your work life and home life too.

Let’s explore what’s possible in those bigger versions of ourselves in places that remind us of who we are and why we are here. Because,  

If you can swim across the lake, what else can you traverse?

If you can balance on a tightrope high in the air, won’t all the other things you balance seem easy when you get down to the ground?

If you can trek to the top of the mountain, your face streaked with dirt, and your body happy from movement, what other metaphorical mountains can you climb?

Scientific studies have proven that we need time to breathe, to daydream, to adventure, and to play. Our best ideas come to us when we aren’t forcing them, or trying to come up with our next big thing. Instead, they find us when we have enough time and space to reconnect with ourselves and our deeper purpose…not when we are staring at a computer or juggling a million to-dos.

It’s in these moments where our true breakthroughs happen.

It’s moments like these — when time disappears, when you forget to look at your phone, when you forget you even have a phone — that are at the heart of any life worth living. Don’t you agree?

Let’s use these moments to fuel lives of intention, heart, and meaning.



Presence: Your Community of Mission-Driven Women

For thousands of years, we sat around fires and told stories. Real stories. True stories. Speaking aloud our insecurities and brave intentions. Letting ourselves be seen. I believe that we can’t walk the path towards our dreams alone. We need each other. We need our tribe.

Gather around the fire. It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top.

The power of community is undeniable when women leaders and changemakers give voice to their biggest dreams and bear witness to one another’s truth and fears.

Surround yourself with greatness.

While so many programs these days rely on virtual communities, The FireTribe Collective is about old-school, in-person connection. Face to face. Human to human. Heart to heart. Sure you have thousands of facebook friends and zillions of networking colleagues, but how many people actually know you? The real you? Flaws and fears and all?

We’re going to sit with each other in real time. You’ll see the glow of campfire light on each other’s faces. And it’s going to be amazing. When you look around this fire, you will see courage and leadership and challenges overcome and stories still unfolding. You’ll see possibility. You’ll see yourself.

This intimate group of renegade earthshakers and changemakers is a curated community of women on the rise. Like you, they are committed to work with heart, to creating an abundant life for themselves and their families, and to leaving a lasting legacy. Think of this tribe as a crew of co-conspirators who are invested in your success and who bring their own wisdom to the table. These are women who shine their light and encourage you to do the same. You all are BADASS!

Over the next nine months, this community will hold you up and hold you accountable. In The Fire Tribe Collective, you get to just be yourself — no pretense, no “shoulds.” Real, raw, muddy and rain drenched.  You don’t have to run this show. You get to simply come along for the ride.

Going to one time workshops, retreats and conferences is like lighting a fire and expecting it to burn forever…it just won’t. The Fire Tribe Collective will help you keep your fire stoked and glowing. Let these nine months provide the container to birth your next big dream, grow roots of deep confidence, release what no longer serves you, and bask in the presence of women who are committed to your thriving.

This is your tribe for life.


Play: Let the journey be joyful!

Do you remember the reason you started this journey in the first place? Wasn’t it to have the freedom to actually ENJOY your life?!

Problem is, so often we forget about being happy and focus too much of our energy on the hustle.

Sure, this is serious business… this is our life’s work. We’ve got shit to do and we most definitely will get it done. But we’re not going to take ourselves too seriously. As I often say, “If we’re not having fun, we’re doing it wrong!”

This is the time to let go, embrace the unknown, get a little silly, dance it out, and play play play.

Or, as I like to say — BOOYA! Bring Out and Own Your Awesome.

The Fire Tribe Collective is not about beelining our way to the top of the mountain. It’s about actually appreciating the journey and enjoying the view.

Instead of working harder, juggling more, and finding ourselves deeper in multitasking madness, this is an appeal to your adventurous spirit — an invitation to that girl who had an ability to dream big and risk boldly — and to the powerful woman she’s become.  

Believe me, when you drop into your playful self, the breakthroughs you have will be AWEsome.

Are you ready to have more perspective, presence and play in your life to take your business to the next level? 


A bit about your guide... 

Hey there! I’m Marli. I am a Master Facilitator of Transformation and I am STOKED to meet you! 

As a master outdoor facilitator and master coach, I create and hold spaces for ambitious women to grow, expand, and transform their relationship with themselves and what’s possible. 

I’ve been told that my enthusiasm is contagious and that my love for living out loud is palpable. It’s true. I’m not one to dim my brilliance. I’m here to shine. And it’s my mission to support powerful women risk-takers and change-makers to do the same. When we shine our light brighter, others can see better. 

Why should you trust me to curate and guide your Fire Tribe experience? 

I have been leading, building, and creating communities for the past fifteen years. I have led groups of strangers on 21-day backpacking trips, I've curated networking and community groups for coaches, I have led tons of workshops and retreats on personal development, empowerment and confidence.

Imagine spending 9 months with Ellen Degeneres + Brene Brown... because that's pretty much what you are getting. The deep personal work with the fun, playful and heart-centered energy to bring more fun back into building and growing a sustainable business. I believe that play can help us move through challenges, overcome our limiting beliefs and actually enjoy the journey of creating the business and life that we crave.   

I am a Facilitator of Possibility, Joy Strategist and Activation Advocate for entrepreneurial women on the rise. I know how to transform a group of strangers into the strongest tribe possible. I know what it takes to create an intentional, deep, and impactful community. THIS IS MY JAM. 


Marli is a skilled guide into the wilderness of your inner life. She is comfortable getting a little lost and trusting the inner compass to guide everyone safely home. If you say yes to this adventure, Marli will show up for you 100%. She will help to set the stage for shifts in perspective and direction. I can say without a doubt that my life has shifted in profound and delightful ways since working with Marli.

—Robin Reed

Here is what is possible if you choose to say YES to this adventure: 

  • Master your inner game and be ready to step up and into your greatness
  • Elevate your impact by being in true alignment with who you are and what you have to offer the world
  • Grow your business in a way that feels authentic (and have fun doing it)
  • Stop procrastinating and start taking action on the things that are truly important
  • Take your business to the next level with more confidence, less stress and less overwhelm
  • Translate your inner drive to impact, client and financial success

This is about integrating everything you already know and trusting yourself to moving towards your biggest dreams and goals with more confidence, courage and clarity

The Fire Tribe Collective IS for you if…

  • You are a mission-driven, service-based female entrepreneur who is craving more real-time connection in your life and work
  • You are a leader who is looking for a place to be seen and heard without fear of being kicked out of the tribe
  • You are ready to experience the magic of nature and the outdoors as a space to heal, grow, transform and evolve into the most fully expressed version of yourself. 
  • You don’t need more information, the next “mastermind,” or the promise of specific results. 
  • You’re craving the space to implement what it is you already know, and the support to take your business to the next level in a way that feels aligned and authentic to you. 
  • You’re ready for unpredictable and magical moments that happen as a result of truly showing up for ourselves in community. 

The Fire Tribe Collective is NOT for you if… 

  • You don’t enjoy spending time outside
  • You want more answers, strategies, and tactics
  • You want a completely virtual program
  • You don’t like talking about your feelings
  • You aren’t ready to dive deeper than you ever have before
  • You don’t want the support of your peers
  • You aren’t willing to take some risks
  • You don’t enjoy having fun
  • You aren't able to meet in person at least once a month near Portland, OR

Logistics & Details

Quick Synopsis
In a world that feels more isolated than ever, I am gathering a group of women movers and shakers to make change real. Over the course of nine months, we’ll sit face-to-face around welcoming campfires in epic natural settings. We’ll lift one another up with support and community, practice joy on the journey, and build the resources and resilience to fan the flames of our deepest desires. 

Why: Because it doesn’t have to be lonely at the top. Because the journey can be joyful. Because when women gather, amazing things happen. 

Who: Women leaders, catalysts, and entrepreneurs who are on a mission to change the world and are ready to step up and into the fullest expression of their calling.

What: The FireTribe Collective is not your average mastermind. Through intentional, curated experiences, we will tap into our true nature, in nature. Together we’ll take courageous action towards our biggest goals and dreams. 

Where: In beautiful retreat centers and campgrounds throughout Oregon. 

Three Core Elements

  1. Perspective: Epic experiences in nature. Time away from busyness and distractions. Space to breathe and think and fuel the fires of our deepest passions.
  2. Presence: Face-to-face community with other mission-driven and heart-centered women on the rise. 
  3. Play: The joy of the journey. We can work hard and have a good time doing it! 

Why Me? 
I have been leading, building, and creating communities for the past fifteen years. I’ve worked as a wilderness guide, outdoor educator, higher education administrator, student advisor, mentor, and activation coach. I know how to transform a group of strangers into the strongest tribe possible. 

Why You? 
You crave real-time, face-to-face, in-person connection with other renegade changemakers in beautiful natural places. You’re ready to go deeper into your heart, truth, and greater purpose.