Do you have the desire to confidently transform people’s lives through workshops, events, or retreats?

Do you crave the skills and tools to inspire, motivate, and engage your audience in meaningful and impactful ways?

Do you want to create an impactful (and fun) learning experience EVERY. SINGLE. TIME?

If you answered YES! to any of those questions then the Create EPIC Experiences Master Course is for YOU!

After 15 years of education and experience facilitating transformational workshops, retreats, summer camps for adults and developing other experiential learning programs, I am bringing what I know to YOU!

If you want to expand your capacity and elevate your mastery for being a Transformational Facilitator of EPIC Experiences, Workshops, Retreats and Events then this 6-week online LIVE (not pre-recorded) course on the art & heart of facilitation and how to become a powerful and impactful workshop leader & facilitator is for YOU!

Details & Logistics of the Course:

  • Dates of the program: October 1st - November 6th 2019

  • Six 90min. Video Sessions will take place weekly via Zoom

    • Classes will take place on Wednesdays from 5-6:30pm PST

    • All classes will be recorded for you to access in the future

  • Six Additional 60min. Dreamstorm Time (aka Office Hours) with Marli every week!

  • Once you join, you will be invited to a private FB group called Create EPIC Experiences Fall 2019 for you to ask me or anyone in this community for ongoing support of feedback on your workshops and programs you are developing

There are Two Options for Joining the Program

Option 1: Group Online Master Course Only - $497

Option 2: Master Course + 1:1 Support from Marli - $997

This VIP Program includes the 6-week Online Master Course PLUS…

  1. Two 45min. 1:1 coaching sessions with Marli over Zoom & recorded so you have access to the recording forever

  2. Review & feedback of outlines, documents and activities along with

  3. Private FB messenger & email support throughout the course.


Overview of Course Sessions:

Week 1: Setting You and Your Group up for Success

This session will focus on building our learning community for the course. We will talk about how to set you and your group up for success as a facilitator and the tools you need in order to do that.

Week 2: Finding Your Facilitation Flow

This session will focus on creating your outline and flow for your workshops, programs, events and retreats. We will go over the Guide to Creating EPIC workshops together and you will also get a plug and play template to plan your very own EPIC workshops!

Week 3: Being a Catalyst for Connection

This session will focus on tools to create meaningful connection and engagement with your audience or group from the moment they walk in the door. We will co-create a list of connection-based activities to give you the confidence to lead even more engaging and interactive workshops.

Week 4: Permission to Play - Bring Your Content to Life!

This session will focus on the geeky side of facilitation. We will cover all the theories like Learning Styles, Adult Learning Theory, the Experiential Education Model and how to facilitation experiential activities with your group.

Week 5: Mastering Your Messaging, Marketing, Money & Mindset

This session will focus on building and creating a message that resonates with your ideal audience, and how to market and fill your workshop with LOVE and personalized invitations. We will also cover how to put together a simple budget for your event and uplevel your mindset to make more money leading workshops, events and retreats.

Week 6: Awaken Your Authenticity

This session will focus on revealing your Authentic Facilitator Archetype and give you the insight and awareness to cultivate and hone in on your strengths and build your capacity in other areas of facilitation that may be opportunities for growth for you.

You Also Get Access to These Bonuses when you join!

  • BONUS 1: EPIC Workshop Event Flow Timeline to plan your own workshops like a boss ($97 value)

  • BONUS 2: Simple Event Budget to make sure that you aren’t losing money and instead MAKING money! ($97 value)

  • BONUS 3: Speaking Proposal Template to get hired and PAID to speak and facilitate! ($97 value)

  • BONUS 4: Speaking Consultation Phone Call Script so that you can rock out your calls with potential clients ($97 value)

  • BONUS 5: EPIC Facilitator Inventory to increase your self-awareness of your strengths & opportunities for growth ($197 value)

  • BONUS 6: Elevate Your Energy Roadmap so that you can learn how to Activate Your Leader Within anytime! ($97 value)

OVERALL BONUS VALUE IN TOTAL is $697 which is more than the price of admission!

What people have said about the course:

“Marli's Online Facilitation Training Program gave me the much needed confidence to get out of my head and into action around my first in person event. What had been taking me months to figure out, was accomplished in weeks! I can't say enough good things! If you value connection and transformation for your audience, you must take this course!”

- Hilary Foreman (Marketing Coach)

“Marli's course taught me everything I wanted to learn about how to build a course that attracts people AND transforms their lives. Marli's gift is teaching in a way that's fun, dynamic, alive and informative. With her, learning gets to be fun.”

- Maggy Sterner (Brand Coach & Strategist)

“This training provided the exact content I’ve been wanting to learn about. Marli, with her encouragement and infectious enthusiasm, skillfully showed us best practices (without overwhelming us with material) for bringing course curriculum to life and enhancing participants learning experience. My confidence with leading workshops and retreats that transform lives increased substantially. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Marli. She masterfully leads by example, offering stellar content while making it fun too!”

- Suzy Carroll (Women’s Empowerment Coach & Workshop Leader)

“Marli is an inspiring facilitator who has the energy and creativity to run engaging workshops. Being new to this, I had self-doubts and fear, but Marli inspired me to go outside my comfort zone and gave me the tools and confidence to pursue what I've wanting to do for years. Thank you!”

- Past Student (Corporate Trainer)

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As a result of this course you will:

  • Experience increased confidence and skills to host any meetup, workshop or retreat you facilitate in the future

  • Have tools for how to engage and inspire others in meaningful ways

  • Feel comfortable with your presence in front of a room of any size

  • Learn how to co-create an experience with your workshop attendees that leaves them with the tools they need to integrate the valuable content you share with them

  • Develop the skills to facilitate strong and meaningful community building exercises and activities

  • Have your people love you and coming back for MORE!

  • Enhance your ability and confidence to create EPIC experiences for your community EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

  • Get clear on what type of experience you want to create and why - whether it’s a meetup, workshop, event or retreat - clarity is KEY!

  • How to plan the design and flow of your workshop, event or retreat for maximum transformation

  • Develop your own personal practice to master your mindset and energy while facilitating

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