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The Confident Facilitator Academy

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My mission is to help you have both the confidence and skills to deliver powerful, engaging and dynamic experiences to your clients, community and tribe so that you can truly make the impact you want to make!

This Training Program Includes: 

  • Three Powerful In-Person Training Experiences:

    • 2 1/2 day training in Portland, OR (March 1-3rd)

    • 4-day all-inclusive retreat experience where you get to practice what you have learned in an immersive learning environment, get valuable feedback and build meaningful relationships with other incredible facilitators (April 18-21st)

    • 2 1/2 day training + Graduation Ceremony in Portland, OR (June 7-9th)

  • Two 90 min. LIVE Master Classes each month on facilitation topics to help you develop and enhance your skills and understanding of facilitation tools, skills, activities and exercise (6 total)

    • All of the classes will be recorded for you to access in the future

  • One 60 min. Mastermind Coaching Q&A Session each month so that you can get support and feedback on your current or future programs, trainings and offerings

  • One 1:1 Coaching Session with Marli each month to help you integrate and apply what you are learning to your own programs

  • Facilitation Practicum Experience where you will design and deliver a 2-hour workshop on the topic of your choice using the skills you learn in the program

    • If you live in or near Portland, Marli will attend your workshop to provide feedback. If you are out of state, you will record this workshop for Marli to review.

  • The Confident Facilitator Academy Private Membership Site for ongoing support and resources

  • Special Guest Speakers throughout the 3 months based on the needs and goals of the group who will share their wisdom. ie: how to fill your events, scaling your impact, business of facilitation, etc.

  • Marli will review documents of your current programs/workshops you are offering to provide valuable insight and feedback to enhance your programs or help you create a new one

  • You will get to work on enhancing programs and trainings you are already facilitating or have the space to develop your own program that you can offer to the world

  • Email and text access to me for any questions throughout the program

  • Pep talk support before you deliver any workshops you are facilitating

Program Dates:

  • March 1st - June 9th 2019

  • Virtual Master Classes + Mastermind Sessions will be on Thursdays from 3-4:30pm PST

  • LIVE Trainings in Portland, OR

    • March 1-3rd in Portland, OR

    • April 18-21st (4-day retreat outside Portland, OR)

    • June 7-9th in Portland, OR

Investment for this program: 

  • $500 down payment to secure your spot in the program

    • + $4000 (paid in full by February 1st)


    • 3 payments of $1500 (due on the 1st of the month March-April-May)