You are doing your work in the world and are rocking it out like a boss... but it still feels like something is missing. Is your heart-centered work getting in the way of your joy, your happiness and well-being?

This is where I come in... I believe that we can have both.

I believe that we can be both driven AND create our own joy.

I believe that we can pour ourselves into our work AND take time for ourselves.

I believe that we can have big dreams AND enjoy the journey.

Sometimes, we just need permission to say YES to ourselves instead of to everyone else around us.

I help women like you get off the struggle bus and onto the party bus of your life.

We are told in order to be successful we have to hustle more... and I disagree. 

I believe in finding our flow, getting aligned with who we REALLY are at the core and to BELIEVE whole-heartedly in what we have to offer the world. 

Marli is a skilled guide into the wilderness of your inner life. She has a wide selection of tools in her pack and is comfortable getting a little lost and trusting the inner compass to guide all on the journey safely home. If you say yes to this adventure, she will show up for you 100% and will help to set the stage for shifts in perspective and direction that have the potential to change your life forever. Since coaching with Marli, I can say without a doubt that my life has shifted in profound and delightful ways. I have increased clarity regarding the direction I want my life to take and deeper insight into how to make changes that will get me to the goals I have set for myself.
— Robin Reed

I help empower, mentor, and guide heart-centered female leaders learn how to play and pursue their greatest passion from a place of wonder and curiosity rather than from pressure and anxiety. 


If you want to learn more about how the heck to do that I would LOVE to connect with you. As my gift to you for being your awesome self in the world click on the button below to schedule a

FREE 1-hr. Clarity and Action Coaching Call with me

6-month Activate Your Purpose Adventure Coaching Experience

Helping you take intentional action to create a life you really LOVE

What would your ideal life look, sound & feel like if you were living a life & doing work that was aligned with your purpose, driven by your passion & propelled by your limitless potential?   

Let’s find out!

Who this program is for: 

  • You have a desire to do big things, take risks or try something in your life that is way different, but there's a voice that keeps you playing small 
  • You have a vision for what might be possible for your life, but are stuck feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or you just aren't sure where to start
  • You have so many ideas that you have no idea which one to choose and get caught in indecision 
  • You want to live your life on purpose and go for it, but the people around you "just don't get it"
  • You are tired of playing it safe and know there is more out there for you
  • Things are basically good, but you know there's something missing and you are worried the something that's missing is you - from what you are meant to do in the world

During this 6-month personalize journey you will: 

  • Explore and breakthrough your limiting beliefs and what is keeping you feeling stuck, overwhelmed or frustrated
  • Discover and declare what it is that you really want by creating a big, bold vision for yourself that you want to live into
  • Create a new framework for how to approach goal setting using your emotions to guide your choices and decisions so that you can enjoy the journey more
  • Cultivate a deep sense of confidence and courage by taking intentional action to combat fear and build your capacity for trusting yourself
  • Increase your awareness of your values, talents, strengths and skills so they can serve as your guiding light and inner compass
  • Develop a growth mindset that will help you get out of your own way so that you can be the person you are meant to be in the world
  • Create a new story for what is possible and build evidence to support your new reality by trusting yourself, following your heart and going after what you really want

If this program sounds like the right fit for you, I would LOVE to talk with you more to hear where you are at and where you want to go and what is in the way.

Click below to schedule a Complimentary 60 min. Clarity & Action Coaching Session

This Clarity & Action Coaching Session is designed to help you take a step back and reflect on what it is that you REALLY want, what is stopping you and how to get where you want to go by taking that next first step.

Most of us are looking for clarity in order to take action, but it is really in the ACTION that the magic happens. Let's connect and explore where you are feeling stuck and what actions you can take to help you create momentum and movement in your life.  


My commitment is to support, encourage, and inspire you to be the best version of yourself while creating and living a life you LOVE!