The FireTribe Campfire Experience 

What would happen if I gathered a group of badass women leaders and change-makers who were making a huge impact in their communities and the world around a campfire? 

Answer = MAGIC

This past fall I decided to try something. While all of my entrepreneur friends were out meeting for coffee one-on-one doing what they were calling the People First Project, I decided to do something a little different. Meeting one-on-one with people only meant that two people were connecting and I knew that what would be even more powerful was to facilitate an experience for others to create new connections with other badass women. So... instead of meeting one-on-one, I decided to invite a powerful community of women together around a campfire to talk about all the things that typical networking groups, or events in florescent lit conference rooms don't really have the time, space or energy for. What happened from there was true magic. 20 incredible women showed up to gather in the woods around a fire together to get real and raw and talk about their greatest hopes and dreams along with what is holding them back from making those things happen. 

THIS is what started the FireTribe Campfire Experience... and now you get to be a part of it 

Hope you can join us for the Next FireTribe Campfire!

Check out the videos below from other amazing women who have been a part of the magic! 

I am deeply passionate about the power of getting outside into nature away, from the screens, daily distractions and never ending to-do lists. I believe that nothing beats real-time, face-to-face in-person community and connection.

This is why I have created the FireTribe Campfire Experience. To gather badass women and change-makers to the fire to explore our biggest dreams, deepest fears and re-connect with our purpose and re-ignite our passion for the big work we are doing in the world.

This is about coming together to share our stories, our truth and our dreams. 

If this is something you feel called to... trust yourself to say YES. 

I know you have probably been to many other networking events - this isn't one of those. 

What will we be doing at this Campfire you ask? 

You can expect to meet incredible women, spend time reflecting and writing in your journal, speaking your biggest goals and dreams aloud, maybe some dancing and movement, definitely s'mores and much much more!  We are going to spend the afternoon around a campfire to spark a powerful conversation about what it means to be a leader, a changemaker and a catalyst for positive change in the world. This is an opportunity to surround yourself with other women who can inspire and support you showing up, playing all out and saying YES to your big crazy dreams.