Birthday Lessons for Your STOKED Life

Do you ever have those moments where you can't believe that this is your life (in a good way). Where you zoom out in the moment while it is happening and know that this is a moment you are going to remember forever? That is how I felt at so many moments this weekend and that is why I LOVE getting away and creating amazing experiences in epically beautiful places. THAT is my jam! It is those moments and those experiences that no one can take away and that last forever. 

Lesson #1: Experiences Over Things 

In a world full of consumerism and the ongoing desire to buy more to be more, I believe that experiences trump gifts. Buying things does not fill us up, it fills a void. It leaves us craving and consuming and always wanting more, never truly feeling satisfied with what we do have. There was a study that was done where 3 people were given a $20 bill. Person A was told to buy something for themselves, Person B was told to buy something for someone and Person C was told to do something with someone. After their purchase, they measured their level of happiness about their decision and overwhelmingly the people who had an experience with someone else were happier and more satisfied than those who bought things. Next time you have a birthday coming up or are celebrating someone else, I encourage you to consider creating an experience rather than giving a gift.

Lesson #2: Create the Life You Want

No one planned my birthday getaway weekend extravaganza for me and no one will plan your life for you. You are the captain of your ship, the author of your story and only YOU get to create it, design it and MAKE IT HAPPEN. There were times that I didn't want to deal with the planning and logistics that it takes to pull off people getting to the ferry boat and arranging rides and figuring out who is cooking what meal, but if I didn't, then it's likely not going to happen. What do you want to happen in your life? What one action can you take to make that a reality? Small actions everyday can make a HUGE difference in setting you on your path to creating success on your own terms. 

Lesson #3: Let People Love You 

Most people hate compliments. We tend to be really uncomfortable with any sort of praise or positive accolades from others, yet when we hear negative or "constructive feedback" we let that in and can allow it to destroy us. What is we reversed the formula? Let positive messages in and were able to let the constructive feedback in only enough to let it support and serve us, rather than bring us down. Sometimes people don't want to "throw their own party" so to speak and are uncomfortable being the center of attention. I get it (kind of) but I would encourage you to get curious about that. What about it makes you uncomfortable? People in your life LOVE you want to celebrate you. Let them love you. 

I hope these three life lessons from my birthday weekend adventure extravaganza helps you enjoy the journey to creating Your STOKED Life. I would love to hear from you on what your favorite lesson was and one thing you are grateful for!