3 Ways to Change Our World

Changing the world starts within and it starts with us. When we start with changing our inner world, that empowers us to change the world around us. There is so much outside of ourselves that we can't control, which is why I believe it is so important to start within. 

Today, I want to share with you 3 Challenges along with 3 Opportunities for how we can start to RISE, SHOW UP and be the leaders that the world needs us to be. 


Challenge #1 - We Are Distracted

With so much trying to get our attention all the time, it is hard to truly be present with ourselves and with others. We are always thinking of the to-do list, the phone calls we need to make, the emails we need to send and I believe that can lead to never truly being anywhere. I think this can also lead to burnout, overwhelm, and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). 

Opportunity #1 - Be Present 

The invitation is to slow down, put down the phone and just connect with the people around you. Technology serves a huge role in our life and it is not bad - we just need to stop letting it control us. I am guilty of bringing my phone with me everywhere and checking Facebook and email WAY TOO OFTEN. It is a part of our lives, but I think we need to stop letting it be such a HUGE part as it keeps us from truly being present and in the moment. I invite you - the next time you sit down to dinner or a meal with friends or family - to put the phone away and ask about their day, their life and just listen. I invite you to take a walk (without your phone) in the woods or in nature somewhere and reconnect with yourself and the world around you. I believe that in order to do our best work in the world and make the biggest difference, it starts with being present. 

Challenge #2 - We Feel Disconnected

We are more connected than we have ever been and yet many people feel the LEAST connected to themselves, others, their communities and the world around them. We are social animals and yet we live in a world that thrives on individual achievements. We feel alone in our struggles, yet so many of them are similar. I believe that this disconnection with ourselves gets in the way from us really being able to tune in and tap into our innate gifts that we have to share with the world around us. 

Opportunity #2 - Connect! 

The first invitation is to connect with yourself. Start a morning practice, write in your journal, KNOW yourself and what you are good at so that you can use your incredible gift to help heal the world. Secondly, invite someone in your life out for coffee or tea and get to know them. Better yet, go take a walk outside together. We tend to have 3 types of people in our lives: Mates, Mentees and Mentors. Mates: There is always someone who gets us. Mentees: There is always someone who we can help. Mentors: There is always someone who can help us. Ideally you are spending a third of your time with each type. Connection is the ultimate key to our ability to thrive in our world. 

Challenge #3 - We Are Discontent

We live in a world of "never enough". No matter where we are in life, there is a feeling that we will never be enough or have enough or are enough. We have access to more knowledge, people and opportunities that ever before in history and yet many people are walking around unhappy and unfulfilled

Opportunity #3 - Give Back

I believe that we are all (in our own way) seeking meaning and fulfillment in our lives and I think that comes from giving back in some way. I think that many people wait for big, grandiose moments to make a difference when small ones surround us everyday (all the time). Where in your life can you give back in some way with either your time or your money? 

Change starts with us. 

I hope that some of these ideas gave you some things to consider. Maybe you can relate to some of them better than others. I am curious to hear from you about which ones resonated with you and if you have other thoughts or insights to add!