What Get's You STOKED!?

When I think about this movement that I want to create, build, design, facilitate and lead, it makes me want to know what it is that get's people STOKED!?

So... I thought I would start by answering that question for myself... 

Things that get me STOKED: 


1. Spending time with people who are kicking ass at life

I am a HUGE believer in the idea that, "You are the average of five people you spend the most time with." When I hang out with people who inspire me, that gets me STOKED to keep moving forward and creating my own version of success. Who are people in your life that inspire you to be the BEST version of yourself? 

2. Doing things that I LOVE

It is essential to build my schedule that also includes doing things that I LOVE to do. Those things include exercising and being active, spending time outside, riding bikes, trail running, drinking beer with friends, going on adventures, hiking, and sailing! Doing things that you LOVE to do can energize you and give you the fuel you need day by day and week by week. What are the things that YOU love to do? 

3. Making a Difference

Every time I have the opportunity to present, facilitate or coach gets me STOKED! I love being able to connect with people, and help them overcome their limiting beliefs, re-ignite their passion and re-connect with their purpose. We are all so much more capable than we give ourselves credit for! We all have the power to help others in some way, even if it's small! Where can you make a difference for someone this week?

These are my Top 3?  What are the things that really MOVE you? That speak to you... that get you STOKED?  Let's meet up over at Your Stoked Life to bring you into the discussion!