If Summit Could Speak: My Daily Routine Secrets from My Dog

So many people ask about my mom’s routine… how does she stay stoked?  What’s she do each day to stay ultra-positive?  I’ll let you in on a few of her tips & tricks to ensure each day is mega-motivating…

Do you like early mornings? I love them! My mom wakes up before the sun most days… like a dream, I tell ya!

Well, if we’re being honest, she doesn’t bounce out of bed with the first alarm, but she’s up and at em’ after a few 5-minute snoozes! Contrary to belief, she does NOT bounce out of bed with her arms in the air saying, “HEY WORLD! I AM READY FOR THIS DAY!” At least not out loud. But the fact is, she takes that first step early… to ensure she has enough time to start her day off right.

Sometimes, she is good and does her morning miracle routine on the couch with the twinkle lights on… and sometimes she doesn’t. I haven’t quite figured out the rhyme or reason for this, but she seems to know exactly what she needs each day… and no matter what, she jumps into her gym clothes - the ones she laid out the night before - and heads to the gym for a sweat session.

After what feels like a lifetime (though she tells me it’s only an hour, she comes home from her workout usually very hungry (sometimes HANGRY, but don’t tell her that) and makes coffee and a green smoothie.  I’ve noticed recently she’s kind of into these smoothie bowls lately.  Once her blood sugar levels have evened out, it’s time to hit the shower and then begin work for the day.

My mom has a pretty cool job, most days.  Work days often include hanging out with me on the couch, checking and responding to emails, making coaching calls and following up with speaking leads, and just speaking her language with her tribe. I know she gets bored and lonely at home, so sometimes I’ll do a little dance, or get a bit anxious so she’ll load us both up and take work on the road.  Sometimes we walk to the Co-op bakery, her favorite place to work and my favorite place to bask in the sun (when it is out). It’s not a bad gig for me, to be honest.

What I learn most about from her is that while we have to let our bodies and minds decide what’s best for us each day, starting your day with purpose and intention, is always going to lead to a productive day.  She isn’t perfectly rigid in her schedule, but she knows conquering one day at a time - with an eye on your goal, is the quickest way to introduce positive habits into your life!

What’s the general routine you try to follow daily?  What motivates you to keep it?  What other habits disrupt your daily routine?  Let’s discuss it in our Facebook Group!