Lives Launched!

An epic journey of self-discovery

I returned last week from this life-changing program in the mountains to my friends and phone calls, all asking me one question, "So... How was Life Launch!?"  

My response: It was more incredible than I could have even imagined.  

The young people who showed up to this experience blew me away with their heart, passion, and drive to make a meaningful contribution to the world. They all intentionally chose to spend time in the beautiful mountains of the North Cascades, figuring out who they really are, where they want to go and how they are going to get there.    

The first afternoon we gathered in a circle and they shared what had brought them to Life Launch and what they hoped to get out of the experience. All of them listening intently, nodding at each others responses, and reflecting on their own journey. I was touched by the courage of each participant to recognize and seize this space where they would be heard, could relate to others, and could talk about how they were feeling. With great care and intention, we were able to reframe the unknown landscapes that lay ahead of them.

We spent the evening telling life stories and sharing the significant moments that have impacted our lives. We sat around candle lights, ready to dive deep, be vulnerable with each other and share the raw, unfiltered version of themselves with those who chose to share this experience with them. The simple power of story telling and listening was so evident in the bonds that started to form so soon after their arrival. 

Each day began with a different morning practice, to help them find fun and creative ways to incorporate movement and mindfulness into their lives back home. We started with yoga and setting intentions for the day, followed by a morning dance to embrace our aliveness, and on the final morning we took the PLUNGE together in the cold water of Diablo Lake. Each evening closed with a circle to wrap up our day sharing our thorn, rose, and bud (challenge, highlight and what we are looking forward to). Starting and ending each day on purpose powerfully impacts the way we approach our lives and the world around us. These practices reminded participants that they don't have to wait for their perfect job or their perfect life to start creating their own daily routines and rituals to bring meaning and purpose to their lives.

Daily workshops and outdoor activities brought a cohesive sense of engagement in the process of learning and built a solid community of belonging and trust. The flow of the experience was to first help them get clear about who they are: the strengths, gifts and values that they can bring to the world and really own that. Then we talked about their passions and they created their own unique purpose statement, which they read out loud to each other boldly and confidently. We spent the second evening talking about their "Best Life" and they interviewed each other and created vision boards to represent their goals, hopes, dreams, and aspirations. The final full day began with a hike in the woods talking about their own unique definition of success. Then we spent the afternoon going over things like resumes, cover letters, Linkedin and talked about creative ways to network like a pro: the how to actually get a job part :) 

The last night of the program, we talked about fear and permission. They confronted their fears by writing, on a piece of wood, all of the fears that were in their way, holding them back from their true capabilities. As they were writing, tears flowed; fears they haven't acknowledged or addressed were being written down for the first time. Then, they had the chance to stand in front of the group and read their fears out loud, one by one. Once they were done, I asked, "What is on the other side of your fear?" They said things, like "My life!", "Happiness and Freedom" and other powerful things that I can't remember right now, because I was so caught up in the moment with emotion. Then, they broke through the boards and their fears. The room was electric. Waves of pure emotion swept through the room and once everyone had broken their board, a dance party ensued. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed. 

During the four days, we laughed together, cried, talked, shared stories and dove deeper than most people do in a lifetime to ask the big questions like, What am I meant to do with my life? What is the greatest contribution I can make to the world?  What does success mean for me? Together, we created the space to reflect and engage in the process of building and creating a meaningful life. I will be forever grateful for those who decided to take the journey with me. And the good news is that it doesn't end now. As a commitment to helping them launch into the next chapter of their life with confidence, courage and clarity, I will be spending the next two months coaching them as they make waves, make art, and make the world more beautiful. 

It was an honor to witness their journey and their process of becoming more confident in who they are and what they have to offer the world and I can't wait to see what they do with that they have learned. Now, it is all about integrating what they have learned into their lives so they can go out there and launch their lives!  

What's next for me and Life Launch?  MORE!!  I am working on a plan to provide this experience for more people in more ways, if you have ANY ideas or suggestions, I would LOVE to hear from you as I continue to launch my own journey of creating experiences that move and inspire people to find their passion, discover their purpose realize their potential!

Thank you as always for your continued support and encouragement as I make my way on my own journey.