Design and Launch Your Own Epic Events in 90 Days or Less

Do you dream of scaling your message from 1:1 to 1: many?

Are you ready to step into your greatness as a transformational leader?

Do you have a desire to run life-changing retreats, workshops or seminars?

Do you leave events knowing that you could run them even better!?

Well, I am here to help you make your dreams a reality!

You’ve got this and I’ve got YOU.

Whether you’ve dabbled with events in this past, or this is entirely new territory... if you are ready to make 2019 the year you expand into your true potential as a leader and force for change, I want to help!

Here’s why:

There are two things that I’m uniquely equipped and super-stoked to do.

1) Create & Facilitate EPIC Events, Workshops & Retreats

2) Help incredible people like you create your very own transformative experiences

I led my first transformational event (under my own name, with my own website, and all that good stuff) in 2014. I didn’t have a big budget or a reputation in the marketplace. I just did it. Putting my educational background to work, the participants were blown away by the experience they received.

Not just that…

That event led to:

  • My first premium coaching client

  • A tidal wave of inspired creation -- other workshops, a group coaching program, and my annual signature retreat for women - Camp Yes!

  • The abundance (and confidence) to quit my full-time job

  • Becoming a recognized Transformational Leader and Speaker, as well as being a sought after...

  • Consultant to high-level event leaders across the country

Now, it’s your turn.

I want you to experience the amazing life-changing benefits of running your own EPIC events too.

That’s why I created - The EPIC Facilitator Training Program

This program is about giving you complete, unshakable support to bring your ideas to life!

Here’s what we’ll do together:

Get Stoked About Facilitating EPIC Experiences

You will get undeniably clear (and stoked) about WHY you want to do workshops, retreats or trainings in the first place and how it can support you in growing your business and your message.

We’ll define your overall mission and vision for your events, who it’s for, what you’re wanting to achieve, and what matters to you most.

Think of this like a guiding compass to ensure you produce authentically aligned offerings you feel called to deliver, every time, rather than events you think you “should do.”

I'll help you stoke the fires of the passion, joy, excitement, that created the desire in you to facilitate your own events in the first place.

Uplevel Your Transformational Skills

You will gain more confidence in your ability to deliver powerful and life-changing experiences for your participants. This includes speaking, leadership and facilitation skills that will enhance your ability to use your strengths to powerfully lead groups.

You don’t need to read a lot of books or attend a million trainings to become an EPIC event leader. I’ve done all of the preliminary work for you! With over 15 years of experience in this area, I can help you develop the skills you need to turn your knowledge into teaching nuggets of wisdom and facilitate activities that lead to lasting change.

Not just that, I can help you incorporate the 5 Pillars of Transformational Facilitation in just the right places that can take your events from “ok” or “good” to incredible!

Map Out Your Event

Learn how to make a clear roadmap of what you’ll deliver. Know the flow of the experience you are creating to build trust and rapport from the very beginning, create a powerful container of transformation, keep the energy high throughout and know how to effectively close an experience that is designed for lasting change.

I’ll share the EPIC Experience Framework that can help you create a focused, flexible structure for your next event... and for any event you may deliver in the future.

Seeing This Thing Through! ie: The Other Stuff

There are so many things that can come up when you are facilitating an event...which is probably why you’re here! I’m here to help you with ANY of it.

Things like:

  • Lots and lots of decision making, that can pile up if left unchecked

  • Facing your fears to put your most important work out there, in a new way

  • Navigating the details of event logistics, crafting marketing and enrollment

I got you! Seriously, I’m here for you ;)

How will we do this?

  • The program takes place over 90 days

    • We begin right away, when you are ready to begin your journey

  • We will schedule weekly 1 hour coaching sessions

    • Need more time with me? We’ll book it. Whether it is an extra 15 minutes or an hour, or blocking out a larger block of time to work on a project, and taking the next week off, you’ll get what you need.

  • Unlimited email and text access to me along with video and audio coaching as needed

So, to recap:

  • You set measurable goals about bringing your EPIC Events (workshops, trainings, or retreats) to life

  • We combine our talents together over 3 months to skyrocket you to those goals

  • You get the support of a Master Facilitator & Coach, EPIC Experience Creator, and cheerleader for you being YOU as you step into becoming a transformational event leader at your fingertips

  • Unlimited support - Use me as you need for coaching sessions, email support, material reviews, and pep talks as needed… we will do this together!

Plus… Bonuses - YAY!

Bonus #1: EPIC weekend retreat with the group April 18-21st 2019! We’ll do facilitation training including lots of practice and feedback that can only be done in a group environment, up-leveling your transformational leadership skills and grounding new confidence at a cellular level. We’ll also share hope/dreams/visions, rest and rejuvenate, and play! My goal is to make this retreat so awesome that you feel it is worth the entire investment of the program (even though there will be so much more!)

For this retreat, we will be staying at a beautiful retreat center just west of Portland, OR with retreat lodging and food INCLUDED in your experience, at no additional investment!

Bonus #2: If you live in Portland, OR - I will attend your event (up to 2 hours) to provide specific feedback, guidance and support for your continued growth as a facilitator. If you don’t live in Portland, you will record up to 2 hours of your event and I will review and provide you with feedback on your facilitation.

Are you ready to realize your next-level dreams as a transformational leader and force for good?

Are you willing to make this dream a priority?

2019 is the year for you to step into becoming the EPIC Facilitator you are meant to be!

If all of this sounds amazing, then let’s schedule a time to connect to see if this Coaching Experience is the right fit for you.

Interested in learning more about my story and how I got here…

When I was 19 years old while I was on a 50-day Outward Bound Course having my own life-changing experience, I had an epiphany. Everything in my being said, “This is it! This is my mission. I want to create EPIC transformational experiences for people.”

So I dove head first into that intention. Over the next 15 years, I:

  • Got my Bachelors in Outdoor Education

  • Became a wilderness guide and spent over 300 days leading people on outdoor expeditions ranging from 1 day to 21 days

  • Completed my Masters in Higher Education

  • Organized two TEDx events

  • And I was Founder and Director of the Western Outdoor Orientation Trip Program for incoming freshmen at Western Washington University

It was during my time working at the University that something completely unexpected happened. I designed a 6-day transformational event for incoming freshman and ran that program for 3 years while still fulfilling my role as a full-time advisor. It was my dream and goal to run the program that I had built from the ground up as my full-time job… and then the University decided to hire someone else to run the program I had created.  

That was a punch to the gut (and heart) that changed everything. I decided in that moment that I never wanted to create something that I couldn’t fully see to fruition. I was tired of asking for permission. I realized that it was time for me to step up and into my destiny of creating my own events and leading people through transformational experiences.

There was no turning back. I was ALL IN.

So, I did it. And you can too!

What people are saying about my work as a Transformational Facilitator…


“Marli is incredible at facilitating transformational experiences, as well as teaching others how to lead their own. As I prepare presentations or workshops, I have changed my focus from designing slides with information, to planning interactive activities to engage the audience. I also create opportunities for participants to connect and share how they plan to implement what they have learned, increasing the likelihood of lasting transformation.”

- Betsy Davidson, The Changemaker Mentor


“I am so grateful for Marli's support in upping my facilitation game. As a teacher and Spiritual Mentor, I hold space for a lot of people. It's one thing to learn how to hold a group container out of necessity and natural presence, and another thing entirely to create a very purposeful experience that achieves a powerful, transformational result.

Marli immediately spotted some areas in my retreats that could use some support! She helped me craft a few powerful exercises to create rapport and great dynamics within my group. I am delighted to report that this last retreat went better than ever. My students walked away glowing, inspired and connected as a cohort, and I feel empowered to offer the kind of live event that will blow people away."

- Michelle Hawk, Shaman, Alchemist, Spiritual Mentor & Master Healer


“I am a full time coach who happens to love teaching and facilitating. As someone who spends her days serving others it was only a matter of time before I added facilitation to my work. I’ve spent close to a decade mastering coaching, facilitating was totally foreign to me. While I am a natural teacher and truly love it, there were gaps I wasn’t aware of.

In a single conversation with Marli she was able to see my whole vision, understand the flow of my program, and help fill in gaps I didn’t even know were there. She came up with a handful of simple things, for example using core groups within the larger trainer for safety and connection, and playful transitions that match the energy of the teachings. She understands that the context in which someone learns determines how the content is actually received.

If you are a coach who speaks, teaches, or facilitates then I highly recommend working with her. Your students will thank you!”

- Andrea Leda, Life Coach Guru™

michael knouse.jpg

"I've gotten such great results from Marli's facilitation training that I've officially brought her on as my coach to help me sharpen my facilitation skills. I want to provide an optimal experience for the members of my Visionary Business Builders cohort so I'm investing with the best.

I'm a firm believer in having 'A-Players' help me become better at what I love to do and I've seen Marli demonstrate facilitation with such ease and grace that I found myself saying "I want to do that!" So it's with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm and even a little bit of anxiousness that I'm having Marli Williams coach & support me with my upcoming Council cohort.

In our first meeting I already nailed down the new format, framework and objective for making my 'Council Circles' powerful and engaging for all members. So much goodness from just our first meeting!

Can't wait to share more amazing updates as our work together unfolds. Thank you, Marli!"

- Michael Knouse, Founder of the Start-Up Sessions and The Council of Visionary Business Builders