Re-ignite Your Purpose

You are doing your work in the world and are rocking it out like a boss... but it still feels like something is missing. Is your heart-centered work getting in the way of your joy, your happiness and well-being?

This is where I come in...  believe that we can have both.

I believe that we can be both driven AND create our own joy.

I believe that we can pour ourselves into our work AND take time for ourselves.

I believe that we can have big dreams AND enjoy the journey.

I help women like you get off the struggle bus and onto the party bus of your life.

We are told in order to be successful we have to hustle more... and I disagree. 

I believe in finding our flow, getting aligned with who we REALLY are at the core and to BELIEVE whole-heartedly in what we have to offer the world. 


Marli is a skilled guide into the wilderness of your inner life. She has a wide selection of tools in her pack and is comfortable getting a little lost and trusting the inner compass to guide all on the journey safely home. If you say yes to this adventure, she will show up for you 100% and will help to set the stage for shifts in perspective and direction that have the potential to change your life forever. Since coaching with Marli, I can say without a doubt that my life has shifted in profound and delightful ways. I have increased clarity regarding the direction I want my life to take and deeper insight into how to make changes that will get me to the goals I have set for myself.

- Robin Reed

What is Adventure Coaching? 

Adventure Coaching expands the scope of the experience of guided self-discovery by inviting you to get out of your everyday routine and habits and out into nature. In addition to video/phone coaching sessions you will get to explore and discover yourself through personalized outdoor activities that create opportunities for meaningful personal growth and transformation. This allows you to reach a deeper understanding of yourself, and teaches you to become motivated from the inside, enabling you to overcome obstacles and redefine the way you live. I offer an array of customized packages, all built around your needs and based on the idea that it is within yourself that self-discovery and real, positive change begin.

What is an Adventure Coach?

An Adventure Coach is a coach who helps people at various stages of life set and reach their goals as well as define their life plan through personalized, outdoor experiences of self-discovery. Through these experiences, an Adventure Coach allows people to engender positive change in their existence and redefine themselves from the inside out, harmonizing their inner self and the life they lead.


I help empower, mentor, and guide heart-centered female leaders learn how to play and pursue their greatest passion from a place of wonder and curiosity rather than from pressure and anxiety. 

If you want to learn more about how the heck to do that I would LOVE to connect with you. As my gift to you for being your awesome self in the world click on the button below to schedule a

FREE 1-hr. Clarity and Action Coaching Call with me

6-MONTH Activate Your purpose COACHING Adventure



Spark, Stoke & Sustain your inner fire through 6-months of on-going support, inspiration, motivation and guidance on your journey to meeting your true self. We will get to explore your inner landscape through powerful intuitive coaching designed to help you deepen your relationship with yourself, your purpose and actually enjoy the process of discovering all the layers of who you truly are. 

My 6-month coaching experience includes: 15 coaching calls (60 minutes each). We begin with three calls per month for the first 12 weeks and meet twice per month during the last 12 weeks. These can be done either on video, over phone or in person if you live in Portland, OR.  All calls are recorded for your personal use and you have unlimited access to me via email and text between calls. As a client you have access to my whole toolbox.  

*My coach partnership is open to 5 clients at any given time. 




$997/month x6 months which includes a 3-day Immersion weekend adventure experience in the Portland Area


4-DAY Adventure Immersion RETREAT

Adventure Immersion Retreat is specifically designed for for women change-makers to re-group, re-ignite, re-align and determine your next purposeful steps in your business. This custom experience is a 4-day private retreat in beautiful places in the Pacific Northwest -- the Oregon coast, the mountains, or deep in the huge evergreen trees.

We will remove ourselves from our everyday environment and get away from the distractions of your daily life. The invitation here is to be present in nature, to create space to listen to your inner wisdome and make room to let it guide your next steps. Stepping outside and onto the earth invites us to explore what is really possible for your life and your work. What is inviting you to step forward into your greatness? What are you ready to change? What is it time to let go of? We answer these questions and more. This custom experience includes a weekend in an incredible location with me. Together we will coach, go on adventures, eat amazing food, remember to play along with plan and dream-storm the next phase of your business.

This Adventure Immersion Retreat includes: A private home/cabin, incredible meals, adventures, and amazing conversation. Following our four days together, we'll meet in 6 coaching sessions (60 minutes each) to keep you on track with your goals and address future needs over the course of 2 months.

*This experience is open to 2 people per year and requires a 3-month advanced booking.We're currently booking for 2018. 


+ $3,000 -OR- 3 PAYMENTS OF $1,000